Weeat Cake

Name, Tagline, Logo Design, Business Card, Flyer

Metro city based bakery, specializing in whole wheat, fresh baked products decided that they needed to establish their business brand. Their speciality is - Organic and fresh, 100% whole wheat flour cakes. Variety of cakes like tea cakes, cupcakes, party cakes, and frozen desserts are made on client requests.

The Challenge:
They wanted a name and tagline for their business. Building a new brand identity. They wanted their unique selling point highlighted. Wanted to have a brand identity thats relatable, very approachable, friendly and memorable.

The Solution:
We priorotized on getting to know what our client's vision for their new brand. We researched similar businesses, what makes them unique, and aslo startegized keeping in mind the demographic that will be this business's key consumer/client. We came up with the name 'Weeat Cake' as their hero ingredient is whole 'wheat'. They wanted their fresh and organic cakes to be integral part of peoples daily routine or their celebrations, hence we came up with the straight forward, suggestive tagline - 'Your Daily Cake Diet', bringing focus on to the fact that indirectly these cakes are much more healthier.

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